Announcement: Simon says: Use your Core!

This summer my daughter went to London. She was kind enough to expand her boundaries and try a new fitness activity… Pilates (which her mom-me hopes will become a lifestyle!) She’s a gym girl – fit and young… but Pilates can be scary for anyone new… here is the beginning of her journey…Thanks to Simon Bateman at Your Pilates Studio.- Laurette Ryan


“Simon says: use your core”

By Alex Phillips


I never claimed to be a Pilates aficionado- but I know one very well. My mother. I have grown up a part of the health and fitness world since I can remember. My name is Alex and i am 25 years old. For my part, I eat a paleo diet, attend yoga and have semi- frequent bursts of busting my butt at the gym. But Pilates was always that “great, scary challenge”.

This summer I was a temporary resident of the London suburb of Richmond upon Thames, and I dared myself to look deeper into Pilates, and throw myself a challenge. As luck would have it, my mom (who is more adept at social media than most friends my age) has a UK Pilates connection in my very neighborhood. Simon Bateman of Your Pilates Studio, Richmond. This is the story of my first class, a Pilates novice lost in the uk.


Your Pilates Studio is a hidden gem, tucked away amongst the pubs and fancy shops along the Thames river. It has the feel of a secret, but very welcoming club- equipped with secret buzzer to open the door and all. The staff are super friendly, and seem to know all their members. I headed up the stairs, equipped in the necessary “Pilates gear”, trying to remember whether socks were a necessity. The studio space at Your Pilates is bright, airy and full of beautiful new clean machinery. There were wooden cushioned props everywhere…oh, and Cadillac, at least, time around my mom’ studio has taught me that.

Very simple and modern, yet warm, I put on a brave face, determined to not horrify my new teacher Simon with my almost non existent flexibility and minimal retention of Pilates knowledge.

Simon has quite a few years experience teaching and running Pilates studios. He is a friendly, bright and incredibly tall Englishman with an infectious grin. Harmless, I figured…obviously forgetting the militant training of my seemingly tiny and unassuming mother.

Classes in the studio are typically up to six people, in groups of two, rotating machinery and exercises. We started with stretches on the barrel, where I realized just how tight my muscles really were. Simon was encouraging, but tough on form and accuracy. No hiding in the back of the class. As we moved through a couple more simple exercises, I realized that my hours in the gym didn’t necessarily mean I was in tip top shape.

That became apparent after I nearly died on the reformer during the 100s. Simon pushed our class of 6 to carry on, bringing our best to the table. His repertoire with the students (from all walks of life) is strict, in an almost playful way. You know he means business, when he laughs merrily at our dread of another” set of 10″… But it’s clear his best interests are with his students. By the end of class, I was a sweaty mess. Schooled for sure. But I will say this, I was inspired.

Immediately after class, after the dredges of Simon’s “fans” dispersed, I signed up for another month of sessions at the studio. I had felt challenged, slightly embarrassed…but inspired. I will be spending the remainder of my time in the uk training a few times a week with Simon and his crew at Your Pilates. I’m determined to conquer this Pilates thing, and get in touch with my inner and physical strength. Even if it means shaky legs, collapsing in sweat and half dead by the end of it. Take it from a “gym girl”. Pilates will surely kick your butt in the best way possible. You will leave feeling accomplished and ready for more. Check out Simon Bateman at Your Pilates Studio!



A Pilates Novice: One week later…..


It’s been over a week since my very Pilates class with Simon at Your Pilates. In a short time and about 5 sessions I have gone from shaky legs and laughable flexibility, to actually pretty decent. I’ve kept my diet and lifestyle the same, using Pilates as my sole mode of exercise to see its maximum potential. Basically, what is this type of workout DOING for me?

Well, for starters, I can already touch my toes- a feat a could barely achieve not long ago. Not without throwing my back out or causing massive embarrassment. I also feel taller. Yes, taller. My small 5’1 frame is standing taller and stronger already- and naturally. Not only that, but definition to my midsection has already begun.

Simon and his cohorts have already succeeded in starting to whittle my middle-AND I can still have that paleo dessert I’m craving! Class doesn’t seem so much of an unexplored foreign land now,and more as something I look forward to conquering 3/4 times a week. The staff at Your Pilates can not only handle a room full of 6 on all different props, whilst giving the personalized attention to progress of a private session. They are able to work with any fitness level, injury, and person. The props ( or machines) have become helpful and familiar tools to me now- not scary torture devices they appeared to be in the beginning.

But most of all, I’m proud and feel great. Simon and his crew at Your Pilates may not leave you sweating and panting for air ( I’ve realized that’s not always a true “great workout” necessarily), but you leave feeling strong, accomplished, and sore in deep muscles you didn’t even know you had. In the best way possible. New moves every session. Fun and discipline. But most of all, sense of accomplishment. I will come out of this week proud of what my body can do, and with my eyes wide open to all it can achieve with Pilates. Here’s to a new way to love your body!


by-Alex Phillips


A little about this studio and Simon Bateman:



What is your training background?


I originally trained with Gordon Thompson from Body Control Pilates, Gordon mentored me during my first 2 years of training of which I started to build a pilates training business. I then met Michael King from MK Pilates. I have worked very closely with Michael over a number of years and he has been my biggest influence in the direction my career has taken. Michael’s approach suits Pilates of today whilst keeping the traditional approach. I have qualified with both teachers who i have been fortunate enough to work directly with. Both help to run our mentor weekends



How did you begin ?


I was a bodybuilder who suffered from back and shoulder pain. Pilates was becoming a popular word in fitness so I decided to find out more. It was here I met Gordon who invited me along to a training course they were running. This training and Pilates opened my eyes to how your body should work how to fix your body. After working hard on my own body to reduce pain I have seen massive results.


What does the studio offer?


Your Pilates Studio is an affordable approach to Pilates whilst giving clients access to all equipment designed by Joseph Pilates. I have created a simple circuit which also allows personal attention and a great workout without becoming bootcamp pilates! This approach also helps people to experience what I call traditional Pilates.


What is the philosophy of your studio?


Your Pilates Studio’s aim is to keep the true method alive and to educate people about Joseph Pilates and what he believed we should do. By creating a fun social studio and variety in every workout clients feel amazing each and every time they visit.


What is the contact info for the studio?

20a Water Lane

Richmond , Surrey   TW9 1TJ


We operate the studio online so there is no direct telephone line into the studio. Instead clients can book online or download our app.



Well Thank You Simon! You’ve converted my daughter. Good work!


Laurette Ryan -PMA-CPT

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