About Us

Balancepoint Pilates trains Pilates Instructors & Teachers.
Balancepoint provides educational workshops, videos, materials and networking opportunities for those discovering the breadth and depth of that which is the journey of Pilates training.
Laurette Ryan is the creator of this resource.
She studied dance for the first 20 years of her life. Where she first learned the techniques of Joseph Pilates.
The next 25 years, she taught Fitness training, certified in most every aspect of fitness and wellness. When finally these two worlds came together again, first in 1993  through a class she named “The Dancers’ Workout” and then again in 1999 with the Synergy class in Hanover MA . The burning desire she felt for movement, health , healing and rejuvanation has now become a burning desire
of the general public as well.
She feels this is an exciting time for wellness, fitness and health.