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An Interview with Risa Sheppard…

Pilates Workout Blog, learn about Pilates ,Pilates teachers, history and issues today!

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Your Own Pilates Retreat

Your Own Pilates Retreat
by Troy McCarty
So you would like a room to work on your Pilates exercises and have some meditative space too. Super – but what next?
Try to make your Pilates room […]

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Pilates Mat or Reformer?

Pilates  Mat or Reformer?
By Laurette Ryan

At least once a month, I am asked the question, “Should I do matwork or take lessons on the reformer?” Unfortunately there is no simple answer. First let […]

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Announcement: Pilates Principles aid in Better Horseback Riding

by-Jessica McNally
When you ride you quickly become aware how important it is to allow for whole body movement, flowing movement and having muscle balance to enhance the relationship with your horse. Horseback riding […]

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Announcement: Simon says: Use your Core!

This summer my daughter went to London. She was kind enough to expand her boundaries and try a new fitness activity… Pilates (which her mom-me hopes will become a lifestyle!) She’s a […]

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